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Walking the Tight Rope

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Learn more about what it means to walk the tight rope for me on the daily and what else you'll find in this AWESOME blog!

Welcome to Walking the Tight Rope. In this blog, you'll find information on fashion, various lifestyle topics, and some insight into the thoughts of someone who has been diagnosed (several times over) as having bipolar disorder.

My husband has said that though he doesn't know exactly what it's like to have bipolar disorder, he imagines it to be like walking on a tight rope, like the hit single by Leon Russell.

I would say that he is close. I haven't quite been able to vocalize what exactly it is like, but I suppose that my mania and depression are similar to Russell's balance of hate and hope with my "happy" facade, like the top hat, which is all you see.

Ah, but c'est la vie. If life gives you bipolar disorder, make a blog.

So, you'll find out more about the goings on in my mind, in addition to some really cool things that I'm passionate about. Looking forward to hearing from you and sharing with you!

- Leanne

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