• Leanne

Riding This Wave

*** Warning: May Contain Triggers***

I have not thought about suicide for one day. I have been happy for one whole day.

The insurmountable number of packages that keep arriving on my doorstep may be a sign that my good friend hypo-mania has returned.

Alas, how I have missed thee. Gone are the days that I spent nights on end remodeling the house. Its return is a pleasure for me. I FEEL something! I feel alive!

I have gotten up, showered, gone to work without hesitation, stayed focused. I FEEL GOOD!

Ha, I WISH I looked like this lady when I shower.

I suppose tonight I will go about re-arranging furniture, scrubbing things clean, and I'm excited about it. I can't get these in-cohesive thoughts written down fast enough. Faster and faster I want to go.

Can anyone relate? Is anyone out there?

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