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Diabetes Keeping Us Down

Soooo, I not only have the luck of the gene draw to be "blessed" with Bipolar Disorder, but I also drew the short straw and have Diabetes (type 2). I've been struggling with getting my sugars down, but apparently the Abilify I'm taking for Bipolar has been slowing down my metabolism and the sugars stay higher than ever.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bipolar Disorder and Diabetes, I don't know how much I can enlighten you, but I will try.

Type 2 Diabetes is the adult onset kind. The one that I have told my therapist that I have brought on myself. She begs to differ and thinks that not only is it hereditary, there are things working against me (like my medicine) that have worked in conjunction with my bad habits to strengthen the Diabetes.

Suffice it to say, normal blood sugars hover around the 100 range, and mine have been in the high 200s to 300s. I know there are people out there who have higher blood sugars than me, but since being diagnosed, I try really hard to get my sugars to normal levels. This has yet to be done, but I'm excited because I just got the Freestyle Libre, which is a device that measures sugars in the interstitial fluid (or fluids just below your skin). I like it because pricking my finger like sleeping beauty several times a day is exhausting (pun intended), and this option allows me to use my phone to monitor my blood sugars.

With halloween coming up, and trick or treat candy lying around the house, I was terrified that my sugars would be ridiculous, but after letting the Freestyle Libre warm up, I was only in the mid 260s. And, I didn't even HAVE to prick my finger!

With my sugars being out of whack, my depression has been hitting me like wave after wave in the middle of a depression ocean. I'm trying to stay strong, but I can say without my husband's consistent support, I definitely would not be staying afloat.

I mentioned earlier that my Abilify has been messing with my metabolism. Since my husband and I want to get pregnant and my health is not where it needs to be, my PA is taking my off of my Abilify. I'm scared because I've been on it so long, and the last time I was taken off of it, I was hospitalized. Wish us luck in this household because I have a feeling that things are about to get pretty rocky around here.

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